What is HIPAA Compliance Training?


HIPAA, also known as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is a legislation in the United States. The main purpose of this Act is to provide data privacy  and also security provisions that safeguard medical information. This act, has of late become very prominent as a result of data breaches that arise from cyber-attacks, such as ransomware, to health insurers and other providers. The following article will guide you through the latest HIPAA training requirements in order to keep personal information safe.

It was signed into law in the year 1996 and it has five sections well known as Titles. The first title, referred as the Health Insurance Reform is meant to protect health insurance coverage for individuals that change or lose their jobs. This title also warns group health plans from rejecting insurance coverage to individuals that may have certain people with diseases or even pre-existing conditions.

HIPAA Training Requirements

The second part of the Act deals with Administration Simplification. This therefore directs the Health Department as well as the Human services to come up with national morals for electronic healthcare transactions processing. The Act makes sure that organizations put in place secure electronic access to data and also keep the agreement about regulations to privacy. It is very important for all companies to have the proper HIPAA training to keep this information safe.

Title number three of the Act deals with any Tax Related Health Provisions. These health provisions are the procedures on how to deal with any tax related issues for purposes of medical care to individuals. Enforcement of Group and Health Plan Requirements is covered in the fourth title of the Act. This title goes deep in defining the health insurance improvement such as provisions for individuals who may have pre-existing conditions as well as those that are seeking continued coverage. Visit this website at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/steven-kurlander/health-industry-hipaa_b_1540418.html and know more about HIPAA compliance training.

The fifth title deals with Revenue Offsets. Such are the provisions on company owned life insurance as well as the treatment of persons who have lost their citizenship as a result of income tax reasons. These five titles are very important for protection of individuals in case of any losses they may undergo thus end up becoming affected. The purpose of the Act is to provide continuous health insurance covers for workers in case of change or loss of their jobs as well as reduce any burdens such as administrative burdens and the cost of healthcare. It also helps contesting cases of abuse, fraud or any waste in health insurance and delivery of healthcare including the improvement of access to long term services.

There is a need for training of this health care Act. These kinds of HIPAA training requirements give people an insight of what to do in case of certain occurrences. Individuals will know how the act can protect themselves in case of any given losses. HIPAA compliance training will make people stay aware of any potential threats their patients may face. Staff members will be able to keep their patient’s records safe. Another benefit of such a training is that it strengthens initiatives for patient safety culture. With such a training, information is carefully handled an thus improving satisfaction from families and patients. Therefore, companies and institutions should make protect themselves by making the HIPAA training a high priority.


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